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Request an In-Person Demonstration of Transonic’s 354C Optima Meter

Our newest flowmeter features enhanced CABG patency assessment

Three percent of all grafts fail prematurely, often resulting in costly re-interventions. Transonic’s 354C Optima meter makes graft flow patency assessment easy, helping to avoid preventable re-operations.

To help cardiac surgeons identify and correct questionable grafts intraoperatively, Transonic introduces the Optima 354C Flowmeter, with automated Graft Patency Assessment. The Optima 354C assesses graft flow, flow waveforms and pressure signals, and distills these into simple graft patency feedback for you. Transonic’s proven “Flow-based Intraoperative Coronary Artery Bypass Patency Assurance” protocols are the basis for the assessment.

It works like this: 

  • Position the flowprobe on the vessel for volumetric flow measurement
  • Print a summary of the flow assessment
  • Refer to printout notes on whether the graft appears patent or requires further analysis
  • If further flow analysis is required, follow the defined protocol to further assess graft flow patency.

Ready to reduce re-operations? Simply fill out the form to request a demonstration.