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FlowXL®: Build Your Meter

Learn about FlowXL’s features and how
you can customize your meter.
Transonic’s gold standard transit-time flow measurement (TTFM) is now even easier to use in FlowXL, a new, versatile, configurable system designed to suit your needs. The FlowXL provides the accurate volume flow measurements you need to improve your patients’ outcomes whether you’re confirming CABG flows, checking a newly anastomosed liver allograft or performing the finest cerebrovascular surgeries.

Build your FlowXL® Meter

Create your customized FlowXL meter by selecting the options that best suit your needs below.
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Step 1: Choose Your Software



QuickFlow is very easy to use. Simply turn on the touchscreen display, plug in your application-specific probe and measure flow. QuickFlow is the system of choice for users who do not want to save or manage surgery data in a secondary system.

  • Screen size: 12.1”/30.73 cm
  • 2 channels of flow (supports 2 Flowprobes simultaneously)
  • Snapshot capture and export/print capability
  • No patient data entry or memory


AdvancedFlow features the same ease of use as Quickflow but is more robust and highly configurable.

  • Screen size: 12.1”/30.73 cm
  • 2 channels of flow (supports 2 flowprobes simultaneously)
  • Snapshot capture and export/print capability
  • Recording capability and internal memory
  • Easy entry and export of patient procedure data and information
  • Password protection for additional security

Step 2: Choose Your Mount

Multiple configurations are available; choose from a tabletop stand, two pole mounts options, or an integrated cart with a secondary display. Customize your FlowXL to suit your OR's workflow.

Mount Options

Pole Mount
For attaching FlowXL to perfusion carts or anesthesia
Pole Mount
Features an 8" extension for adjustability, can be attached to existing carts
Table Stand
Supports FlowXL on any shelf or cart
Mobile Cart with Secondary Surgeon Display


The FlowXL can be mounted on an ergonomic cart that gives you mobility, security and allows for adjustable viewing angles for the operator and an unobstructed view for the surgeon. It features:

  • 180 degrees rotation to provide the surgeon an unobstructed view
  • A compact 20”/50.8 cm base that allows for easy mobility between ORs
  • Secure locking casters
  • Large wheels and a sturdy base that keep the cart and screens stable during transport

Step 3: Choose Your
Printing Option


HP Printer

For immediate printing of flow data; can be used with all mounting configurations.

Integrated Cart with Printer Shelf

Provides a secure location for the
printer and an extra 14” x 11” drawer for

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