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Transforming Organ Transplantation Through Innovation

Technology is changing the field of organ transplantation

Organ donation is at the crossroad of cutting-edge technological advancements and new heights of human caring.


From the first successful kidney transplant in 1954 to the technological breakthroughs of the past decades and ongoing innovation, organ transplantation continues to be one of the most inspiring scientific fields. 


Get this in-depth ebook to learn about the past, present and future of organ transplantation.



  • The history of organ donation and trends around the world
  • The step-by-step organ donation and transplantation process
  • The most pressing challenges faced today in the field of organ donation 
  • The biggest innovations, including immunological improvements, surgical transplant refinements, organ preservation during transport, and clinical research
  • What’s next for the future of organ transplantation

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