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Enhance Your ECMO Patient’s Therapy with the ELSA Monitor

ECMO requires precise metrics for optimal patient support. The ELSA provides exact monitoring values that help you improve your patient’s ECMO therapy

  • Quantify Recirculation in VV ECMOScreen Shot 2020-03-31 at 10.34.41 AM
  • Predict oxygenator change outs better
  • Additional volume flow measurements for all ECMO configurations 

Find confidence in ECMO therapy with additional monitoring tools. Learn more about ELSA’s possibilities and how it impacts your therapy in the e-book below.

In the E-book you will discover:

  • How quantifying recirculation can improve cannula positioning, ECMO pump settings and fluid management
  • How to optimize therapy with continuous volume flow measurements
  • How trending oxygenator blood volumes can improve oxygenator assessment

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