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Meet the Measurements That Can Change Your ECMO Forever

The ELSA® Monitor helps to identify problems before they become problems.

When you have the Extracorporeal Life Support Assurance (ELSA) Monitor, the ECMO world begins to seem brighter.

At Transonic, our flow measurement solutions don’t just deliver quantitative data to optimize patient care. We offer tools that elevate your work and add peace of mind during extracorporeal life support monitoring.

The ELSA® Monitor provides a trio of measurements – recirculation, delivered blood flow and oxygenator blood volume – that alert the care team to problems before they become problems. Trend the increase of clot burden. Predict the best point to switch from VV to VA. Avoid surprises.

Surgeons don’t have a crystal ball. But we can equip you with the next best thing.

See What the ELSA® Monitor Can Do for You

For 40 years, Transonic has built the best flow measurement equipment in the industry, and our system is the only one on the market that can trend ECMO recirculation.

That’s why we built the ELSA® Monitor: to give you the edge, the heads-up about your patient’s changing condition.

Check out the following resources for more about what the ELSA® Monitor can do for you, how the technology works and the three measurements that matter most.

Watch the ELSA® Monitor in Action

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Read More About the ELSA® Monitor

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