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Optimize Hemodialysis Patient Care

Powerful Technology Providing Measurements That Matter

Everyday heroes walk among us. The healthcare professionals who show up day after day to support and care for patients going through hemodialysis treatment are making a real difference in the lives of real people. 

To the nephrologists, nurses, dialysis technicians, vascular access coordinators, dialysis clinic administrators and countless others – we see you. At Transonic, we too work tirelessly to improve patient care and save lives. 

That’s why our technology, like the HD03 Hemodialysis Monitor, provides on-the-spot quantitative measurements of delivered flow, recirculation and vascular access flow. Measurements that matter, measurements you need.


Support For Hemodialysis

Offering professional development, training opportunities and the right tools for the job sets hemodialysis staff up for success. And that means better patient care. 

If you would like to learn more about the HD03 Monitor, we would love to talk. If you no longer have enough staff who know how to use your HD03 Monitor, we will gladly provide training. Together, we will ensure everyone on your team has the power of flow measurement at their fingertips.

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At Transonic, we are committed to supporting the life-changing work healthcare professionals are providing day after day. Whether through our technology or our other resources, we are with you.

Hemodialysis Professional Development Blog Series

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HD03 Hemodialysis Monitor

See how the HD03 Hemodialysis Monitor impacts patient care for the better by measuring delivered flow, recirculation and vascular access flow.

Optimize Hemodialysis Patient Care With Transonic Quantitative Flow Measurements.

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