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Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)


Volume Flow Measurement

Benefits of Measurement

Provides early warning signs of distress that could help optimize flow, reduce adverse events and improve clinical outcomes

Technology Utilized

Transit-Time Ultrasound Flow Measurement (TTFM)

Measurement Highlights

Transonic's Transit-time Ultrasound Flow Measurement (TTFM) is a must have for flow verification and confirmation of pump performance. In VADs, where flow equals life, the accurate measurement of volume flow is an essential quality control and safety measure. Transonic’s new miniaturized flow chips allow for the direct integration of a four-crystal sensor over the graft tubing of the VAD itself to provide an early alert system for any VAD failures, thrombosis or patient arrythmias. When integrated into the alert system of the device, the flow measurement can spot trouble before the patient even realizes it and call the patient in for review ahead of adverse events.