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Organ Preservation


Perfusate Flow/Volume Flow

Benefits of Measurement

Can help optimize perfusate flow to reduce damage to harvested organ and provide longer organ viability

Technology Utilized

Transit-time ultrasound

Measurement Highlights

Transonic's Transit-time Ultrasound Flow Measurement (TTFM) is the gold standard for flow verification for tubing flow measurements and an ideal quality measure in organ preservation devices where consistent flow measurements mean the difference between organ viability and failure. Using wide beam illumination, two transducers pass ultrasonic signals back and forth, alternately intersecting flowing liquid in upstream and downstream directions. The Flowmeter derives an accurate measure of the “transit time” it takes for the wave of ultrasound to travel from one transducer to the other. The difference between the upstream and downstream integrated transit times is a measure of volume flow rather than velocity. TTFM is repeatable and has an unmatched zero-flow stability, allowing for high accuracy at low flow rates and can be integrated with the device to provide alerts in the event of flow limitations.