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Transforming Respiratory Care Through Technology

In severe cases of acute respiratory failure, the most advanced treatments may be offered to select patients whose acute situation is caused by an underlying chronic respiratory disease.


This is where technology can play a life-saving role.


Transforming Respiratory Care Through Technology

Technology has played an integral role in respiratory care, providing patients with life-saving care and hope for a better tomorrow.

Respiratory Care Technology for COVID-19 and Other Acute Respiratory Conditions.

As COVID-19 continues to claim hundreds of thousands of lives, it has also tested the boundaries of extracorporeal support.

A respiratory virus, COVID-19 highlighted pulmonary medicine to the entire world and has stretched the knowledge, resources and experts to the max in defining exactly what support is possible.

Thousands of COVID-19 patients have been treated with ECMO around the world, which has underscored the necessity of extracorporeal support.

Prior to COVID-19, ECMO use had already begun expanding rapidly from 150 ELSO registered ECMO centers in 2009 to 463 centers by 2019.


In this handbook, you’ll understand:

  • Comparison of acute respiratory care technologies
  • 3 novel respiratory technologies to watch
  • What’s ahead and the crossroads of emerging technology, improved management and patient quality of life

Learn more about the future of respiratory care technology

Harnessing Q:

A Flow Measurement Guidebook for Bioengineers

This handbook presents information for bioengineers engaged in the development of medical devices. For any device that works with liquids, whether it be for circulation, filtration, oxygenation, suction, steam ablation, infusion, or other purpose, the integration of creative flow measurement solutions can elevate performance and improve clinical outcomes.


In this handbook, bioengineers will:

  • Be introduced to the importance of flow (Q) and the measurement technologies used to measure flow
  • Understand the principles of flow measurement
  • Understand medical device design and development
  • And understand the many clinical and research applications

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After 40 years of developing flow measurement solutions for biomedical devices, nobody can offer more expertise and resources than Transonic. We invite you to explore our brochures to learn more about how Transonic can help make your biomedical device best-in-class.

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