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Schedule a 15 Minute Call to Learn More About the HD03

Schedule a 15-minute call with Debbie Brouwer-Maier to learn more about the HD03.

Debbie has worked with hundreds of dialysis clinic staff members and professionals and is currently taking a limited number of calls from hemodialysis professionals.

If you want to improve care at your clinic, start here:

  • What can Transonic machines help me with?
  • How are other clinics benefitting from the HD03 Transonic machine?
  • How other clinics integrate the HD03 into their workflow?

Schedule a time to talk to Debbie today.


About Deborah Brouwer-Maier, RN, CNN

DEBORAH BROUWER-MAIER is a nephrology nurse for more than 30 years. Her area of expertise is hemodialysis vascular access. She served on the KDOQI Vascular Access Work Groups in 1997, 2000 and 2006. She also served in various volunteer roles for the Fistula First Initiative since the formation of the initial Work Group. She is the support for the Hemodialysis Circle of Care Transonic products to support access creation, surveillance and preservation.

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