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Life Science Research

Get the latest life science research news from Transonic.


Get the latest hemodialysis news and insights on technology and patient care.

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Get the latest cardiothoracic news, technology, clinical trends and patient care.

Hospital Administration

Get insights, news, and trends important to hospital administrators.

Tranplant / Vascular Surgery

Get the latest transplant/vascular surgery news and insights on patient care.

Clinical Trends

Improve your outcomes and patient care with the latest clinical trends and research.

Vascular Access

Keep your hemodialysis patients' lifelines functioning well with the latest insights and trends on vascular access and patient care.

Mechanical Circulatory Support

Mechanical Circulatory Support news, trends, and technology. Including clot management, flow and more.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance tips, news, and insights for medical professionals.

Human Interest

Get a look at the people behind Transonic what it is and how our technology and products are used.

Cerebrovascular Surgery

Cerebrovascular surgery insights, news, and clinical trends.


Insight into OEM technology, use cases and more.