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Transonic Flowprobes

Accurate Measurements. Superior value.

Pilots wouldn’t choose to fly passengers on a plane that wasn’t reliable. Since lives are at stake, we believe surgical flowprobes should be just as dependable. Transonic Flowprobes are guaranteed for at least 50 uses or one year or 75 uses or one year with a warranty return rate of less than 0.5%.

Not All Surgeries Look Alike, So Why Should Your Flowprobes?

Different surgeries require different tools. Transonic offers application-specific flowprobe designs. For CABG, Cerbrovascular, Vascular and Microvascular applications, we have the right flowprobe for the job. 


How Transonic Flowprobes Are Different

  • Application-specific designs, including coronary, cerebrovascular, microvascular and carotid
  • Non-constrictive fit enables measurement of flow through a vessel in its natural state
  • Wide range of flowprobe sizes, from 0.7mm-36mm
  • Durable and reliable with less than 0.5% Flowprobe warranty returns.

Protocol: CABG Graft Patency Assessment

Measure Graft Flow
with native coronary artery temporarily occluded to test graft patency at maximum flow
Evaluate Mean Flow Reading
Good Flow
>30 mL/min or > 20 mL/min
(depending on a patient’s size and physiology)
Questionable or Poor Flow
Examine Graft
(spasm/kinks/twists/soft BP)
Competitive Flow Check
Remeasure Graft Flow
with native coronary artery occluded (mean flow reading & waveform printout)
Reevaluate Mean Flow Reading
Good Flow
Questionable Flow
Poor Flow
< 5 mL/min
Flow Waveform Analysis
Acceptable Flow Profile:
  • Diastolic Dominant (left ventricle)
  • Systolic/Diastolic balanced (right ventricle)
Acceptable Flow Profile
Questionable Flow Profile
Analyze Other Factors
  • Small patient/small target vessel?
  • Physiologic factors (MI, vasospasm, low MAP)?
  • Poor run-off?
  • Quality of myocardium?
  • Insufficient valvectomy?
  • Size and quality of the graft?
Acceptable Graft
Suspect Graft
Patent Graft
Proceed to measure flow in next graft
Examine Graft for Anastomotic Error
Revise graft
This protocol and evaluation is intended only to assist in surgical decision-making and is not a diagnostic. Surgical interpretation is required.
Note the difference in the size between the probe heads

Durability and Reliability

Premature flowprobe failure is costly, leading to surgical delays while you await the arrival of a new flowprobe.

Transonic HQ-series Flowprobes are guaranteed for the earlier of 50 uses or one year, while the HS-Series probes are guaranteed for the earlier of 75 uses or one year. Transonic has less than 0.5% Flowprobe warranty returns. 

As a family-owned business that puts people before profit, Transonic believes in combining integrity with cutting-edge innovations. 

The high quality and workmanship in each Transonic Flowprobe, coupled with our responsive customer support, translates into superior product performance, fewer service interruptions and lower cost per use compared to other brands.

With a wide array of probes, Transonic can bring the most meaningful measurements to the OR.

A Non-Constrictive Fit Measures Vessels in Their Natural State

Not all flowprobes are created equal, and those differences are important. When a flowprobe is constrictive, it can impact the accuracy of the flow measurement and the associated derived parameters. The non-constrictive design of Transonic flowprobes allows clinicians to measure the uninhibited flow through vessels.
Our Flowprobes measure flow in blood vessels and grafts from 0.5 mm to 36 mm, providing:
  • Accurate flow measurements through vessels in their natural versus compressed state
  • Quantified blood flow to confirm a surgeon’s clinical impressions
  • Early identification of problems
Transonic's non-constrictive flowprobe design accommodates a range of vessel sizes and are intended for vessels that fill 75%-100% of the flow sensing window.

Transonic Flowprobes are also customized by application, ensuring you have the right measuring tools for your procedure.

Use Measurements That Matter for Improved Outcomes.

Whether you’re a new customer researching the best flowprobes for your hospital or a long-time Transonic flowprobe advocate, your success is our highest priority. Learn more about how our surgical flowprobes can improve outcomes by meeting with our team.