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Webinar Recording

Untethering Pressure Flow Relationships

Advances in Cardiac and Renal Telemetric Monitoring
When: Now
Where: Here

Webinar Summary:

This webinar presents state of the art telemetric recordings from conscious, freely moving rodents to define novel pressure-flow relationships in both cardiac and renal applications. Dr. Aaron Polichnowski focuses on renal blood flow autoregulation, its assessment challenges, and new analytical techniques. Dr. Christopher West discusses the benefits that telemetric solutions offer to the measurement and understanding cardiovascular physiology in small and large animal models of health and disease. More broadly, both review the exciting future that telemetric pressure-flow relationships offer to advance our current understanding of fundamental principles within hemodynamic and cardiac research.

Transonic PressureFlowR1


This presentation was made possible by Transonic's new Pressure-Flow Telemetry system, EndoGear®. 

EndoGear® allows for the measurement of vascular blood flow & blood pressure simultaneously and continuously from conscious animals.  With EndoGear®, longitudinal measurement of cardiac output, stroke volume, vascular resistance, renal blood flow and many other indices, are finally possible.