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Intraoperative Flow Measurement Elevates Cardiothoracic Procedures

Flow measurements during CABG provide graft patency assurance and peace of mind.

During cardiothoracic procedures, measuring flow may seem like a small detail – but it’s one with significant impact.

Measuring flow in an anastomosed bypass graft, for example, provides quantitative, on-the-spot data that confirms clinical impressions of procedural success. Better yet, the surgeon is immediately alerted to any unseen flow deficit, allowing corrective action before the patient leaves the OR.

Learn more about the benefits of flow measurement in providing graft patency assurance with these

six CABG case

Hear from Dr. Sutter about why he thinks quantitative flow measurement should be a requirement in thoracic surgery in this short video.

‘The Perfect Stitch’ During CABG Surgeries

At Transonic, we provide surgeons and other medical professionals with flow measurement solutions that elevate their incredible work and provide peace of mind.

This includes surgeons like Dr. Francis P. Sutter, Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Lankenau Medical Center in Pennsylvania. Dr. Sutter has performed more robotic-assisted bypass surgery procedures than any other surgeon in the United States.

He used to check forward and reverse flows manually, but now uses Transonic’s flow measurement system in his work, ensuring perfect anastomosis – and the “perfect stitch” – every time.

The Transonic Flowprobe Difference

We don’t just make state-of-the-art flow measurement solutions and technology trusted by surgeons around the world at Transonic. We are partners in patient care, with a people-first approach to making sure that you have the right tools to do lifesaving work.

Transonic flowprobes are reliable, durable and come with a guarantee. Application-specific designs mean a wide range of sizes and types are available to ensure the most optimal tool for each surgery, from coronary to carotid to microvascular.

Learn more about what makes our flowprobes different from others during a CABG graft patency assessment.
Get the guide to making a case for the benefits of flow measurement.
CABG guide

The Value of Intraoperative Flow Measurement for Patient Care

For surgeons and their team in the OR, the benefits of intraoperative flow measurement during coronary artery bypass grafting are usually apparent.

But it can sometimes be challenging to present that value to hospital administrators who receive numerous requests for equipment and have to make tough choices on which ones to approve. It’s important to show how the equipment aligns with the hospital’s short-term and long-term strategies.

We’ve put together a guide with suggestions on how to present the value of intraoperative flow measurement in CABG to help navigate these conversations.

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