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Dr. Charbel Speaking Engagements

Learn about Flow-Guided Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery

Medicine is key to our survival, not just as individuals, but as a species. There are those who simply work in medicine, and then there are those who drive medical progress forward—those who dedicate themselves to building medicine, one brick, one case, one patient at a time. To them we owe our thanks, our health, and sometimes our lives. 

One such man stands at the forefront of neurosurgery. He has promoted, educated, and trained in every corner of the world. He worked with us to create the Flowprobes that are used by surgeons all over the globe, every day.  He is a pioneer in the truest sense of the word. 

His name is Dr. Fady Charbel. 

Charbel with caption

It is our privilege to present to you a list of opportunities to learn from his experiences: 

  • The Department of Neurosurgery’s Kasoff-Murali Lectures at New York Medical College, September 6
  • The ‘Meet the Masters’ International Symposium in Belgium, September 7-9
  • The American Academy of Neurological Surgeons in Georgia, USA, October 4-7  
  • The National Congress of the Italian Skull Base Society in Italy, October 26-27
  • The Centennial Anniversary of the Serbian Society for Neurosurgery in Belgrade, October 30-November 3

Can’t make it in person? Click here to download the next best thing; Transonic’s Flow-Assisted Surgical Techniques in Cerebrovascular Surgery Handbook. It contains the distilled guidelines and best practices in flow-based neurosurgical procedures from top neurosurgeons across the world, including Dr Charbel and his team.


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