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Hemodialysis & Vascular Access Overview

Create a Circle of Care for Your Patients

Flow measurements inform the care team — including the surgeon, nephrologist and the interventional radiologist — in order to create a “Circle of Care®” for patients and their vascular access.

From access creation and care to patient care, Transonic flow measurements protect the health of your patients and their vascular access. Learn more below.


Transonic’s ultrasound dilution solutions provide quantitative measurements of Access Flow, Recirculation, Delivered Flow, and Cardiac Output parameters ensuring hemodialysis patients and their accesses remain healthy

Endovascular Access Intervention

Transonic’s thermal dilution technology gives the patient care team insight into the functionality of arteriovenous fistulas and grafts through real-time quantitative intra-access flow measurements.

Surgical Access Creation

See how intraoperative flow measurements provide on-the-spot or continuous measurements of volume flow for a functional assessment of an AV access during surgical creation or revision.

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