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Life Science Research Webinars from Transonic

Over the past 35+ years, Transonic has proudly provided a variety of free educational resources in the life science research space. In our new webinar series, we will feature key opinion leaders from various different research arenas - cardiovascular hemodynamics, mechanical circulatory support, device development and even outer space. Each webinar will offer the viewer a chance to better understand advanced applications and techniques used throughout the world. With each webinar delivered live, you can interact with our speaker and ask them questions during the presentation.

A list of upcoming webinars and registration for each can be found to the right.

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Upcoming Webinars

Heart Rate Control by Ivabradine or Esmolol in Septic Shock: Insights from a Large Animal Model

Featuring Dr. Antoine Herpain
April 22, 2021

Muscle Metaboreflex and Arterial Baroreflex: Action, Interaction and Altered Control of Heart Failure

Featuring Dr. Jasdeep Kaur
May 11, 2021

Transonic Life Science Research Overview

Featuring Drs. Danielle Senador, Astrid Haegens, and Filip Konecny

Past Webinars

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