Blood flow is life’s vital sign. When blood flow ceases or clots, life ends.

By measuring blood flow, you are quantifying to a flow parameter. Rather than relying on subjective impressions or qualitative images, real numbers provide functional information. 

These mini guides give you an overview of flow measurement technologies offered by Transonic. Our technologies are used in a broad spectrum of applications and devices as their development moves from bench-top scientific research, to device development and pre-clinical validation to manufacturing of commercial products.

Get in-depth information on flow measurement in these 12 procedures and devices:

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Mock Circulatory Loops
Flow Measurement Technologies
Mechanical Circulatory Support
Dialysis for Renal Replacement
Organ Preservation Devices
Anesthesia Delivery Pain Management
Infusion Pumps
Urodynamic System
Pediatric Hydrocephalus
Endometrial Ablation
Ocular Surgery
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